President and CEO, Second Genome

Peter DiLaura is President and CEO of Second Genome, a clinical stage biotechnology company developing medicines through innovative microbiome science.  The company’s proprietary Microbiome Discovery Platform is driving programs in inflammation and metabolic disease.

Prior to Second Genome, Peter held roles at Ingenuity Systems, Chemdex, and IBM.  Peter began his career as a strategy consultant to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries at The Wilkerson Group, and received a BS in Economics from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. 


Exploring the Microbiome for Novel Therapeutics

The human microbiome is increasingly understood to play a key role in human health and wellness, and changes to the microbiome have been linked to a wide range of diseases.  Leveraging the microbiome for novel therapies requires a move past correlative relationships between the microbiome and disease, and instead a focus on the mechanistic interactions between the microbiome and host. These insights then enable the discovery and development of microbiome-derived therapeutics for chronic diseases.

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