Ph.D., Chief Scientific Office, Foundation Medicine

Dr. Stephens joined Foundation Medicine in March 2011, bringing more than a decade of experience in cancer genomics to the company. Dr. Stephens is a world-renowned expert in next-generation sequencing and cancer genome analysis and has authored numerous publications in Nature, Nature Genetics, Nature Medicine, Cell and other high-profile journals.

Prior to joining Foundation Medicine, Dr. Stephens held various senior research positions during his 11-year tenure with the Cancer Genome Project at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute under the direction of Professor Michael Stratton. During this time, Dr. Stephens was a member of the team that sequenced the first two comprehensive melanoma and lung cancer genomes, and was co-lead author in the discovery of BRAF in melanoma and ERBB2 in lung cancer.

Dr. Stephens received a PhD from Oxford University.


CtDNA Guides Therapeutic Decisions for Cancer Patients. FACT or FICTION?

There is tremendous excitement about the potential for circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) to identify targeted therapeutic options for patients with cancer. However, for many tumor types,  significant and likely insurmountable challenges exist that currently exclude the ctDNA as an appropriate diagnostic specimen. This talk will give an overview of the complexities of ctDNA testing.   

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