Ph.D., Assoc. Chief of Staff & R&D, VA Palo Alto Hospital

Dr. Philip Tsao is a Professor (Research) of Cardiovascular Medicine in the Stanford School of Medicine, a member of the Child Health Research Institute, and the Co-Director of the Cardiovascular Pulmonary Sciences Application (2005-present). He received his Ph.D in Cardiovascular Physiology from Thomas Jefferson University (1991).

In his current research, the primary interests are in understanding the molecular underpinnings of vascular disease as well as assessing disease risk, using a wide range of biochemical, molecular and physiological techniques to make primary observations in cell systems as well as preclinical models. Furthermore, continuing to extend the findings to human subjects in order to confirm their clinical applicability. 


The VA Million Veterans Program

The aim of the VA's Million Veteran Program is to produce a resource for better understanding of the inter-relation of genetics, behaviors and environmental factors, and veteran health. Participants provide a blood sample, response to lifestyle questionnaires, and consent to allow access to clinical data from VA electronic medical records. 

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