Ph.D., President & CEO, Edico Genome

Pieter has more than 20 years of experience inventing, developing and successfully commercializing technologies in industries including semiconductors, wireless, health care, life sciences, image processing and retail automation, with a portfolio of over 130 granted patents in these areas. His passion for bringing to market innovative technologies has led to the formation and funding of a number of technology start-ups with significant return to investors. Prior to Edico Genome, Pieter was involved in the emerging mobile health industry where mobile phone technology enables innovative health care delivery in underdeveloped communities. Pieter also co-founded ecoATM (acquired in 2013 by Outerwall (NASDAQ:OUTR) for $350 mil.) and Zyray Wireless (acquired in 2004 by Broadcom Corporation (NASDAQ:BRCM) for $100 mil.).


DRAGEN Hybrid Cloud: The Turnkey Genomics Compute and Storage Solution

With a joint development effort and offering, Edico Genome and IBM will bring customers a comprehensive solution for the genomics processing.   Edico's ground-breaking DRAGEN bioinformatics processor technology, delivered as an on-premise solution with IBM's OPEN Power platform as an integrated offering, will give customers a blazingly fast bioinformatics NGS solution with the highest accuracy, delivered in minutes rather than days.  With a forward looking plan, IBM and Edico plan to bring this genomics infrastructure to the IBM Cloud allowing customers seamless integration with Edico's option in the Cloud.  With our focus on solutions, we will bring additional function with the addition of analytics, access to data stores, and the ability to easily burst to the IBM Cloud, allowing flexibility for customer workloads and long-term data archive.
The combination of IBM's unrivalled ability to deploy compelling system solutions for global customers and their POWER based onprem and cloud infrastructure together with Edico Genome's ground-breaking DRAGEN bioinformatics processor technology has enabled a revolutionary new hybrid cloud for genomics. The solution enables both clinical and research customers to easily deploy local storage and compute that is seamlessly connected to cloud based storage and compute. Blazingly fast DRAGEN technology ensures that results of the highest accuracy are obtained in minutes rather than days locally and in the cloud and can be securely shared. This is the genomic infrastructure that will drive the proliferation of personalized medicine.

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