Ph.D., CSO, SeraCare Life Sciences 

Dr. Garlick is the Chief Scientific Officer at SeraCare Life Sciences. He is an experienced executive scientific and R&D Leader from the Life Science industry with over 30 years.  At SeraCare he has led scientific effort into designing and developing precision medicine products through scientific collaborations and technology transfer with clinical research opinion leaders in the areas of oncology, fetal maternal medicine, inherited diseases, infectious diseases and for new QC approaches applied to NextGen Sequencing assays.  He is an active member within American Association for Clinical Chemistry, American Association for Cancer Research, American College Medical Genetics and Association for Molecular Pathology.


NGS Presents New Quality Control Challenges

The use of proper QC materials is central to all molecular diagnostic laboratory quality management systems in order to ensure accurate results are reported. This presentation will focus on a new generation of NGS controls for genetic, oncology and non-invasive prenatal screening assays. 

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