Ph.D., Vice President, Biomarker Sciences, Gilead Sciences

Scott Patterson, PhD, is Vice President, Biomarker Sciences in the R&D organization at Gilead Sciences, Inc, where he is responsible for development and implementation of biomarker and diagnostic strategies across all the company’s therapeutic areas. Previously, he was Executive Director, Medical Sciences at Amgen, Inc, where he established the company’s biomarker strategy and led the In Vitro Diagnostics Group from its inception. Prior to Amgen, Dr. Patterson was Vice President, Proteomics at Celera Genomics. Earlier in his career, he held research appointments at Amgen and at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, New York. Dr. Patterson received BSc and PhD degrees from The University of Queensland in Australia.

Session: Proteomics and Personalized Medicine: Ongoing Partnership

The archetypal biomarker oft quoted as starting the field of Personalized Medicine is Her2, a protein measured originally (and still frequently) by Immuno-histochemistry (IHC). The targets of almost all medicines are proteins. Their dysregulation and/or mutation led to the initial hypothesis of their causal involvement in a specific disease. In oncology, the majority of these drug targets have been identified through genomic nucleic-acid based technologies due to the relative ease of such analyses because of the ability to detect vanishingly small quantities nucleic acid fragments by amplification using PCR-based technologies. As a result, it is more common that the biomarker used to select patients is the genomic aberration. However, protein-based analytical technologies have continued to advance not only for research applications but also for diagnostic applications.

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