Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, Vantari Genetics 

Shaun R. Opie, PhD is a co-founder and the chief scientific officer of Vantari Genetics, a CLIA and CAP certified molecular diagnostics company based in Irvine, CA.  Shaun earned his PhD in molecular genetics from the University of Florida and has over 10 years experience in clinical trial development and operations.  As an entrepreneurial scientist, Shaun’s vision is to bridge the gaps between development, accessibility, utilization, and reimbursement of novel molecular diagnostics/personalized medicine in healthcare systems.  

Bootstrapping Clinically Actionable Reports

Receiving accurate, meaningful, fast, and appealing clinical reports is an expectation from healthcare providers.  This presentation will share the challenges and successes of a scalable, bootstrapped approach taken by Vantari Genetics to meet this need for RT-PCR genotyping for pharmacogenetics and next-generation sequencing for hereditary cancer.

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