M.S., Ph.D., Senior Director of Academic and Customer Strategies, Ashion Analytics, LLC and Associate Faculty, College of Nursing, College of Arts & Sciences, University of Phoenix

As the Senior Director of Academic and Customer Strategies for Ashion Analytics, Dr. Sherri Z. Millis oversees scientific product development and research direction, education and publication strategy, physician panel oversight, market development, and customer relations. She has focused her recent research on technology advances and identification of patterns in biomarker aberrations in cancer relative to therapeutic opportunities. She has authored more than 50 research articles on breast, pancreatic, sarcoma, bladder, and very rare cancers, published in peer-reviewed journals and has presented her findings at conferences, healthcare facilities, and academic institutes. As a previous laboratory director, Dr. Millis designed and developed automated high throughput assays for discovery and development of oncology drugs. Additionally, she acted as co- or principle investigator on multiple studies leading the development of anti-microbials and novel vaccines in the fight against infectious diseases. She was an industry expert in fluorescence-based technologies and has served as faculty in the sciences at multiple institutions. Dr. Millis received her PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Wisconsin and her MS in Chemistry from the University of Colorado.


Go Big or Go Home

Many barriers hindering utilization of genomics in the clinic, including test methodologies, cost, and turnaround time, have been overcome. Some hurdles still impede implementation of genomic data into the clinic, including lack of knowledge, limited evidence, clinical utility, and billing/reimbursement. These obstacles and methods employed to eliminate them will be evaluated.

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