PH.D., Head of Systems Biomedicine Lab, Bar Ilan University, Israel

Sol Efroni studied complex biological systems over different levels of complexity. Dr. Efroni has designed and implemented an approach now known as Reactive Animation that facilitates the visual, computer legible and intuitive simulation of complex multi agent systems through reactive technology. Dr. Efroni has been working on transcriptome networks and implemented this knowledge during to study network modification in cancer cells and developed methods to identify networks modification. Dr. Efroni has started his own group at Bar Ilan University in 2009.

BCL2 Variation Determines Chemotherapy Response

The talk presents a novel finding, achieved through the analyses of hundreds of cancer genome sequences, which shows that a single genomic variation may provide the missing information as to who should and who should not be treated with the most used type of chemotherapy - Paclitaxel. This chemotherapy is only effective for roughly half of treated patients. It would therefore be of great benefit to avoid non beneficial treatment and to allow for immediate other modes of treatment.

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