Ph.D., Chief Innovation Officer, Molecular Health

Dr. Stephan Brock has worked in several leading positions in the bioinformatics industry focusing on data integration, text-mining and content management
supporting the pharmaceutical R&D value chain. As head of development and CEO of Metalife AG, Dr. Brock led a team of 70 analysts, scientists and software developers dedicated to the design, development and delivery to market of a fully integrated, end-user focused bioinformatics product portfolio. In 2004 Dr. Brock established a new business unit at LION Bioscience focusing on a solution for process and portfolio management in the pharmaceutical industry integrating the R&D value chain from early discovery to clinical studies. As CTO of Life Biosystems he successfully
conducted large scale data integration projects for cancer centers in the US. He led the design and implementation of a center wide clinical trials data management solution at the largest US cancer center. As CTO of MolecularHealth, he is driving the development of the technology base for TreatmentMAP. Dr. Brock received a Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of Bayreuth.


Clinical Innovation Using Outcomes Data

Efforts to decipher molecular modalities of the genotype to phenotype transition remain one of the most important pursuits in science and medicine. Hidden within this molecular conundrum lies the knowledge that can power rational approaches to the detection, prevention and treatment of human disease. In this talk, I present some of the methods that we have developed to analyze outcomes information (i.e. phenotypes) from cancer patients and discuss their application in the light of illustrative case examples.

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