M.D., Ph.D., Boston Children’s Hospital, Boston, MA.

Dr. Yu is a practicing neurologist and researcher at Boston Children’s Hospital with broad expertise in genomics, informatics, and pediatric precision care. His research focuses on developing and applying high throughput sequencing methods to identify novel disease genes for intellectual disability and autism.  His clinical work focused on evaluating and treating autistic patients at Massachusetts General Hospital’s Lurie Center. 

Tim obtained his undergraduate degree at Harvard, and his MD and PhD from the University of California at San Francisco Medical Scientist Training program. He completed is medical internship at MGH and his neurology residency at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and MGH, during which he also served as Chief Resident.


Next-generation Clinical Genomics: A Holistic Approach to Research and Clinical Care in Pediatric Rare Disease

Inexpensive and accessible genome sequencing has revolutionized human genetics research and diagnostic sequencing. It is now driving sea changes in the delivery of care, marrying clinical and research imperatives in the names of scientific progress and patient interest. I will discuss how these changes are affecting relationships between patients, providers, diagnostic laboratories, and academic institutions, through the lens of ongoing initiatives at Boston Children’s Hospital.

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