M.D., CMO, Exosome Diagnostics

Vince O’Neill is currently CMO at Exosome Diagnostics, based in Cambridge, MA. He is a UK-trained medical oncologist with a background in molecular pathology and translational research and has over 12 years of industry experience, managing therapeutic and diagnostic programs spanning all development phases. Prior to joining Exosome Diagnostics, Dr. O’Neill was Global Head of Personalized Medicine and Companion Diagnostics at Sanofi, where he built the internal infrastructure and secured alliances with diagnostic companies and clinical laboratories. Dr. O’Neill also previously served as Group Director at Genentech, where he was instrumental in expanding Avastin® and Tarceva® approvals, and as Director of Discovery Medicine at GlaxoSmithkline, where he oversaw early development of all oncology small molecule assets, including MEKINIST® and TAFINLAR®. Dr. O’Neill received his medical degree and degree in molecular pathology from the University of Glasgow, UK. He is also a member of the Royal College of Physicians.

Exosomal RNA-based Liquid Biopsies:
Why cfDNA Alone is Not Sufficient for Non-invasive Genotyping

The ability to detect tumor derived genetic profiles (genotyping) and track the evolution of tumor mutations over time is now crucial to the goals of personalized medicine. Utilizing cell free tumor DNA (cfDNA) for detection of mutations in plasma has shown great promise in clinical studies, however, cfDNA analysis suffer from several shortcomings. The copy numbers of cfDNA carrying the mutations are often very low in plasma, limiting the sensitivity of the assay; and cfDNA cannot readily be used to monitor splice variants and other RNA specific aberrations that are clinically important. Analysis of exosomal RNA addresses both of these issues: mutations are abundantly detected on exosomal RNA from plasma, and can also be efficiently used to profile splice variants and fusions.

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