Ph.D., V.P. of Healthcare Initiatives, Intertrust Technologies Corporation

Dr Knox Carey is Vice President of Healthcare Initiatives at Intertrust Technologies Corporation. He is General Manager of the Genecloud project, which aims to balance individual privacy with access to sensitive genomic and other healthcare data. Knox is an leading member of the Security Working Group at the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health. Prior to his work with genomic data, Dr Carey was Head of Technology for the Asia-Pacific region, a security architect in several international standardization efforts, and a liaison between leading technology companies and the major studios and record labels. Knox came to Intertrust from Sony Corporation, where he was a senior researcher in image and video compression. Dr Carey is a three-time graduate of Cornell University (BS 92, MEng 94, PhD 99), where he majored in Electrical and Computer Engineering with concentration in digital signal processing, information theory, and applied mathematics. 


Access vs Privacy: A False Dichotomy

Data sharing is essential to the progress of genomic science, yet it poses significant risks to individual privacy. Genecloud is working with organizations like the GA4GH (Global Alliance for Genomics and Health) to balance these interests and develop innovative tools for researchers.

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