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Large-Scale Genomics Projects 

Data in isolation is of very limited value, and therefore one should be careful with drawing big conclusions from it. To be able to properly interpret complex data, large contextual data is the preferred starting point. This guidance certainly applies to genomics data. Large-scale genomics projects are defining and leading the way of transitioning genomics’ reach into the clinic. Numerous public and commercial efforts are under way that will be discussed in this session. In detail, we will hear about large-scale next-generation sequencing and omics projects, their goals, designs and specific applications, and the challenges encountered to extract knowledge for disease understanding, diagnosis, and treatment.


David Ledbetter, Ph.D., Executive Vice President/Chief Scientific Officer, Geisinger Health System

Dr. Ledbetter is executive vice president and chief scientific officer at Geisinger Health System.  Previously he was the Robert W. Woodruff professor and director of the Division of Medical Genetics in the Department of Human Genetics at Emory University School of Medicine. Read Full Bio

Peter Donnelly, FRS, FMEDSCI, Director of The Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, Oxford University

Peter Donnelly is Director of the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics and Professor of Statistical Science at the University of Oxford. He grew up in Australia and on graduating from the University of Queensland he studied for a doctorate in Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. Read Full Bio

Andrew Carroll, Ph.D., Director of Science, DNANEXUS

Andrew is a bioinformatician with expertise in genomics, proteomics, and machine learning. He received Bachelor’s degrees in Biology and Physics from the University of Virginia. Read Full Bio

Hannes Smarason, President and COO, Wuxi NextCode

Hannes is co-founder, president and COO, WuXi NextCODE. A serial entrepreneur, he served previously as CFO and executive VP of business and finance at deCODE genetics, which during his tenure achieved global recognition as the leader in analyzing and understanding the human genome. Read Full Bio

Catherine Ball, Ph.D., VP of Genomics and Bioinformatics, Ancestry

Catherine Ball is VP of Genomics and Bioinformatics at Ancestry where she leads a group of population geneticists, statisticians and computer scientists to create the analytical approaches behind AncestryDNA. Catherine is a genomic scientist who has annotated  and mined the genomes of various organisms and annotated the first sequenced eukaryotic genome. Read Full Bio

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