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Generating Data-Driven Insight in Personalized Medicine Programs

As personalized medicine becomes more ubiquitous, innovative leaders must develop programs that meet the demand for personalized medicine services. With the implementation of these programs comes vast amounts of heterogeneous data from a variety of sources. Leaders in the field must transform genomic and other biomedical data into usable data-driven insight. Hear perspectives from three innovators in personalized medicine about how they are generating valuable insight at scale in a cost effective manner.


Mathias Ehrich, M.D., VP, Research and Development, Sequenom

Prior to his current position, Dr. Ehrich served as Sr. Director, Research and Development. Dr. Ehrich joined Sequenom in 2001 in the company's Hamburg, Germany offices, subsequently he served in various scientific and management roles within the Sequenom R&D department. Read Full Bio

Tyler Wish, Ph.D., CEO, Sequence Bio

Tyler Wish is the cofounder and CEO of Sequence Bio, a data-driven precision medicine company based in Newfoundland. The company is leading a large-scale initiative designed to deliver precision medicine in Newfoundland and to enable therapeutic discovery. Read Full Bio

Aaron Black, Director, Informatics, Inova

Aaron Black is a thought leader in personalized medicine informatics and a results-driven technical leader with a 15+ year record of successful project and program implementations. He is leading the effort to build a world-class Informatics team to support the goals of The Inova Translational Medicine Institute (ITMI). Read Full Bio

Moderator: Mick Correll, CEO, Genospace

Mick’s 15+ year career has tracked the path of genomics from basic research to clinical care. Over this time he has held leadership positions in academia and industry, and has developed informatics solutions for pharma/biotech R&D, ag-bio, and academic, government, and community healthcare providers. Read Full Bio

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