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Genomic Centers

Your opportunity to learn from Genome Centers as they - Accelerate Science. Translate Results. Deliver Today.

As we arrive at the $1000 genome, we find the fundamental problems have shifted... it is no longer about shrinking the cost of sequencing but the explosive growth of big data: the downstream analytics with rapidly evolving parameters, data sources and formats; the storage, movement and management of massive datasets and workloads; and perhaps most paradoxical of all, the challenge of articulating the results and translating the latest findings directly into improving patient outcomes.

Come learn how Genome Centers including core facilities are handling these challenges along with ethical or privacy issues because they work with clinical data or how they share data with their customers? Are their efforts ad-hoc, or internal solutions the status quo, or are they working with commercial entities to build the “perfect” in-house process? What are some of the unsolved challenges that they still face?

Then join us for the Genomic Centers session, taking place during the morning of the third day of the Personalized Medicine World Conference PMWC 2016 where we have an amazing array of center directors lined up for this session who will share first-hand with the audience their learnings and experiences!


Ketan Paranjape, MS, General Manager, Life Sciences and Analytics, Intel

Ketan Paranjape is the General Manager Life Sciences at Intel Corporation. Along with managing an Intel wide multi-disciplinary team his role involves developing business and markets, strategies, policies and solutions for insurance companies, hospitals and clinics, governments, academic and research institutions, wearable companies and pharmaceuticals. 
Read Full Bio

Patricia Kovatch, Founding Associate Dean for Scientific Computing, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Patricia Kovatch is the founding Associate Dean for Scientific Computing at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and the Co-Director for the Master of Science in Biomedical Informatics. Read Full Bio

Tim Cutts, Ph.D., Head of Scientific Computing, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

Tim Cutts is Head of Scientific Computing at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, just outside Cambridge, UK.  He is responsible for the 17,000 cores, 25PB of data, and web services used by Institute scientists in their research, and to present that data to the rest of the scientific community. Read Full Bio

Chris Dwan, Acting Director of IT, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

Chris Dwan leads Research Computing at the Broad Institute. In that role he is responsible for a team that provides data and computational services, as well as high throughput genomic analysis, to more than 3,000 researchers at one of the top genomic science institutions in the world.  He is also serving as the Acting Director of IT. Read Full Bio

Mark Beggs, Ph.D., CEO, Stratified Medicine Scotland - Innovation Centre

Mark Beggs is CEO of Stratified Medicine Scotland. He has 25 years Pharma experience. Working for Pfizer/Wyeth, he ran the Translational Medicine Research Collaboration. Previously he led Consulting at TAP Biosystems in Cambridgeshire UK. Read Full Bio

John S. Witte, Ph.D., Associate Director, UCSF Institute for Human Genetics

Dr. Witte is Professor of Epidemiology and Biostatistics and Head of the Division of Genetic and Cancer Epidemiology at UCSF. He is an internationally recognized expert in statistical genetics and genetic epidemiology, and his research program encompasses a synthesis of methodological and applied genetic epidemiology, with the overall aim of deciphering the mechanisms underlying complex diseases and traits. Read Full Bio

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