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The Role of Metabolomics in Precision Medicine

Major health factors, including diet, lifestyle, environment and genes, exert their influence on the body by subtly changing the metabolic composition. Metabolomics provides a snapshot of the current state of health and provides new information to help with immediate clinical decision-making. Advances in the field have made metabolomics a valuable first-line tool for assessing health. It can be used to identify perturbations of metabolic pathways associated with many diseases and quickly screen patients for health or disease status. In this session, we discuss the technology used in metabolomics and hear from health innovation leaders about how the routine use of this technology is guiding precision medicine today and the role of metabolomics in the future.


John Ryals, Ph.D., President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, Metabolon, Inc.

Dr. John Ryals co-founded Metabolon, Inc. in 2002 and serves as president, CEO and chairman. Metabolon is a pioneer and leader in the field of metabolomics and its use in personalized medicine and human health. Prior to Metabolon, he was a co-founder, CEO and president of Paradigm Genetics, Inc., which he led to a successful IPO in 2002. Read Full Bio

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