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The Impact of Patient Activation on Precision Medicine

Individual consumers can engage in science and drive new therapies forward. In fact, we can’t do it without them. Through current regulations, patients have the legal right to their test data, but what can they do with it? In this session, we will hear how individuals, when armed with the scientific information underpinning their disease, can positively impact their own care and also advance precision medicine for others.


Martin Naley, Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Cure Forward

Martin Naley is the founder and CEO of Cure Forward, a company that spans digital health, genomics, and social media, to make personalized medicine accessible and practically useful for patients. Read Full Bio

Lisa Holland, VP, US Oncology Research & Clinical Services, McKesson Specialty Health

Lisa Holland joined McKesson Specialty Health in 2012. She has responsibility for The US Oncology Network Clinical Services Team – with a focus on supporting the Practices and Providers in their mission of excellence in oncology patient care across the USA. Read Full Bio

Jamie Keck, Ph.D., Clinical Genomics Project Manager, Knight Cancer Institute, Oregon Health & Sciences University

amie Keck received her Ph.D. from The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla CA. She is a clinical cancer genomics project manager at OHSU Knight Diagnostic Laboratories where she leads a study using exome sequencing to profile tumors and identify targeted therapies for patients. Read Full Bio

Brian Wright, VP, Marketing & Commercial Operations, Paradigm Diagnostics

Brian is the Vice President of Marketing and Commercial Operations for Paradigm. Paradigm is an Ann Arbor, MI and Phoenix, AZ based molecular information company focused on utilizing next-generation sequencing technology. Read Full Bio

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