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Genetics-Informed Personalized Immunotherapy

As the oncology community stares down the cresting wave of promising new immunotherapies, it is clear that new biomarker strategies are needed to choose among the myriad available checkpoint modulators for a given patient-- BITEs, CAR-Ts, oncolytic viruses, and neoantigens. This session features speakers who are developing genetics-informed personalized immunotherapy approaches and will highlight the current state, the roadmap for the future, and what challenges remain in matching the patient with the optimal therapeutic combination.


Patrick Roche, Ph.D., Senior Vice President for Research and Development, HTG Molecular Diagnostics

Dr. Roche joins HTG from Ventana Medical Systems/Roche Tissue Diagnostics where he served as Vice President of Translational Diagnostics and was responsible for interfacing with pharmaceutical partners in their development of targeted cancer therapeutics and facilitating the transition of biomarkers into companion diagnostics.  Read Full Bio

Holbrook E.K. Kohrt, M.D., Ph.D., Divisions of Hematology and Oncology, Stanford University Medical Center

Dr. Kohrt currently investigates novel therapeutic strategies to enhance anti-tumor immunity, including discovery of checkpoint inhibitors and cancer vaccine strategies. Dr. Kohrt attended Stanford University Medical School as the Baxter Foundation Scholar, Howard Hughes Scholar and American Society of Hematology Research Fellow.  Read Full Bio

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