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Reimbursement Challenges and Solutions for Molecular Diagnostics

Research continues to confirm that adoption of personalized diagnostics is limited by physicians’ lack of confidence in when and how to utilize these tests and their results. Significant challenges remain around appropriately incorporating molecular diagnostics into the clinic so they are used effectively and are reimbursable. In this session you will hear the perspectives of both public and private payers, healthcare providers, and patients as well as about a new resource that may be able to fill an unmet need in this space. 


Rina Wolf, VP Commercialization Strategies, Xifin, Inc.

Rina Wolf, Vice President of Commercialization Strategies, Consulting & Industry Affairs, XIFIN, Inc. Ms. Wolf is a nationally recognized expert in the field of laboratory commercialization and reimbursement, with over 20 years of experience in the diagnostic laboratory industry, specializing in Molecular Diagnostic Laboratories. Read Full Bio

Girish Putcha, M.D., Ph.D., Director of Laboratory Science, Palmetto GBA (MOLDX)

Girish Putcha is currently Director of Laboratory Science for Palmetto GBA’s MolDX program, and the founding Medical Director for Orion Genomics and TOMA Biosciences, personalized medicine companies focused in oncology. Read Full Bio

Amber Trivedi, M.S., CGC, Senior Vice President, Genetic Benefit of Optimization Services, InformedDNA

Amber Trivedi is the Senior VP, Provider & Client Services at InformedDNA, an organization with the mission of increasing access to clinical genetics specialists. Amber oversees InformedDNA’s expert genomics consulting services, including policy development, technical assessments, physician engagement and education initiatives, and expert opinion review services for payers and health systems. Read Full Bio

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