PMWC 2017 Silicon Valley
Most Promising Company Award
Selected Companies


Taking advantage of our proprietary technology, AccuraGen provides an ultra-accurate, and sensitive noninvasive-liquid biopsy assay that detects cancer mutations from a single vial of blood.

Accelerated Medical Diagnostics, Inc.

Accelerated Medical Diagnostics, Inc. As a pioneer in the field of predictive chemotherapy diagnostics, the company is committed to developing clinically validated tests that empower clinicians to better tailor care to each individual patient.


Cernostics is focused on delivering next generation cancer diagnostics and prognostics through an innovative approach to tissue analysis – the evaluation of the tumor as a system composed of multiple interacting cell types, including tumor, immune, and stromal cells.  Its patent-protected technology platform, TissueCypher™, uniquely analyzes whole slide digital images with multiplexed fluorescence, and is designed to provide greater information and accuracy than traditional tissue diagnostics.


Inanovate has developed a patented blood analysis system for use in research and diagnostic applications. The system, called the Bio-ID, detects and quantifies the presence of disease related biological molecules (biomarkers) from patient samples, in one low-cost accurate test. The Bio-ID lowers the cost, sample use and variability of diagnostic tests, while reducing both the duration and cost of clinical trials.

JBS Science

JBS Science Inc. is a discovery and development phase cancer diagnostic company focused on the delivery of urine based DNA tests for cancer screening and liquid biopsy for cancer precision medicine to improve disease management. The company’s mission is to improve early detection of cancer and cancer management by providing diagnostic tools with precision detection of the most promising cell-free DNA (cfDNA) modifications in urine that are derived and associated with prospective cancers, to improve the prognosis of the disease.


KIYATEC has developed primary human derived 3D microtumors designed to more accurately predict human response to cancer drugs in an ex vivo system. The heterotypic, 3D perfused co-cultures established the use of a systemic strategy of adopting optimized scaffolds, cell types, and media conditions to KIYATEC’s novel 3D perfusion bioreactor, the 3DKUBE™.


Standigm provides services that reduce the time and cost of drug discovery. The company reveals the patterns hiding in your data that will lead to tomorrow’s medicines.


Vitatex Inc. is a cancer diagnostics company. We are the global provider of proprietary invasive circulating tumor cells (iCTCs) enrichment technology and products to develop revolutionary cancer genetic and cellular blood tests, also called liquid biopsies.